The Better Bunny Bureau

Furcadia's Better Bunny Bureau

Bunnypunch Gloria

Ladies and Gentlemen, standing 5 foot 3 inches tall, weighing in at 143 pounds, 3 ounces, in the silver black trunks and gray sports bra, from the Carrot Patch, The Better Bunny Bureau is proud to present, the one, the only . . . . BUNNYPUNCH GLORIA !

Bunnypunch Gloria brings beauty to boxing.  Don't let her petite stature fool you, she curls 130 pound dumbbells and her punches are like getting hit with a sledge hammer.  Sponsored by The Better Bunny Bureau, Bunnypunch will have a new arena and gym built for her.  Bunnypunch takes her sport very seriously, and although a veteran, shows no signs of slowing down.  Watch in the future for when Bunnypunch will be at an arena near you.

Here we see Bunnypunch Gloria testing out the prototype boxing ring that her new Arena will be built around, on The BBB star ship.  Cocoa-Puff is observing, and the bunny seated in the middle of the ring is Albinia, Cocoa's cousin.  Albinia is sitting because Bunnypunch demonstrated a body blow to teach her the fundamentals of boxing and knocked the wind out of her, to Cocoa's delight.  Albinia thinks she is the greatest "wrastler" in the world, but she needs to stay out the boxing ring, especially with the one, the only, Bunnypunch Gloria.

Legal Disclaimer:  The Better Bunny Bureau is a sponsor of Bunnypunch Gloria.  Bunnypunch Gloria is her own separate entity and is not an alt (character) of Cocoa-Puff and her 50+ alts.

30-Second Bunnies Theatre

This is Hilarious.  I now have content for my Dream's TVs.  If you ever want to know the plot of any of the movies below, in 30 seconds, click on the link above and check out Angry Aliens: 30-Second Bunnies Theatre

The following is excerpts from Kill Bill:

Rabbit World : A Rabbit's Life

On AI on Furcadia is a dream (more like, a game) named A Rabbit's Life.  This is the most awesome feral dream I have ever seen, and my own dreams have been neglected playing this game.  You can be a Rabbit or a Wolf.
Here you see Cocoa underground next to her hole, she just got a carrot.  Usually she gets a dozen before she gets killed by a Wolf.
Rabbits can dig holes and harvest carrots. Straw stops the holes from filling back in.  Wolves can close holes and kill Rabbits.  More Rabbits get killed than carrots harvested, you can pull up stats on this game.

Here you see Cocoa sacrificing herself for the photo. Anything for the shot!  Cocoa took this picture right before she was killed by the Wolves.  They have wonderful straw in the Wolf Den.  Too bad the Wolves have it.  Note the carrot some poor bunny dropped.  Good thing is that when you get killed you go back to the Rabbit Den to start over, a piece of meat is left in your spot where you were killed.  (She always goes back for the "bodies").

Here is Cocoa again back at her favorite carrot patch.  This patch grows carrots real fast.  Unfortunately, it is some distance away from the hole.  Cocoa likes to run and duck behind trees, and had her route down pat. Note the meat on the ground; some poor Rabbit got killed there.
 This game is addictive.  It is simple yet very elegant.  I wish I had thought and built this game.  Many Furres are discovering it, and they all like it.  Whether you are a Wolf or a Rabbit, it is enjoyable.  One particular Bunny friend of mine chose to be a Wolf, and I was horrified at the glee he had killing Rabbits.  The layout and the music are excellent.  As the emits tell you:  If you are killed by a Wolf, do not take it personal, they are just doing their job.  Besides, Rabbits do not Die, they Multiply !

All photos were taken in the original version of A Rabbit's Life, the following is the text and commands from the actual site: 

Welcome To A Rabbit's Life, originally created by Shy Red and edited by Powhatan,  Naantam, and Keiroko. While the dream has  updated programming, it stays true to Shy Red's original work. This place is all about living a rabbit's life. Dig tunnels, harvest carrots and make babies! If you want some more action turn into a wolf and hunt down the innocent rabbits. Type +Tutorial or +Commands for more info! (URL:   Rules, Policies, & Regulations

    Rabbits are some shy animals being busy with harvesting carrots and having [add adult content  here] all day. They also -love- to dig tunnels and make themselves a comfortable home. They usually fear everything that looks not eatable or  like a rabbit.
 Avoiding their natural enemies, the wolves, they usually stay close to their tunnel entrances  and never go out alone. You get turned into a rabbit by default as soon as you arrive in the dream.
 Only rabbits are able to dig holes and enter them to reach from the surface down to the underground and vice versa. Just hop onto an empty field and press F3. Now wait until an hole  appears under/above your feet/head.
[Cocoa-note:  stand over the  yellow circle when underground and press F3 for the surface, press F3 over the hole to get back underground]
 Tutorial: Rabbit - Building tunnels
 Press F3 again to enter the tunnel. Being down  in the underground you can dig a tunnel system  by bumping into the walls.
 Be careful, though. Because of loose earth, holes and tunnels will get destroyed after some time. Make sure to repair them by standing on holes or walking through the tunnels.
 Outside you will find carrots. Just press F2 to  pick them up. Carry them quickly down to the underground and talk to the shop rabbit to the far south-west in order to "buy" items.
 Tutorial: Rabbit - Baby Rabbit
 Baby rabbits are abundant! Say +turnbunny to  turn into a baby rabbit! They are sooo cute and cuddly and fluffy...

 Available commands are:
 +readupdates, +forums, +website, +Arlhelp, +version, +Credits, +Hiring, +Rules, +Regulations, +Staff, +detectstaff, +Statistics, +Status, +Policies, +Eat, +TurnRabbit, +TurnBunny, +TurnWolf, +Tutorial, +enterchannel, +exitchannel

 Tutorial: Wolf
 Wolves are dominators of the surface in RabbitWorld. They a strong, quick and curious. Their favourite activity is hunting rabbits, which  requires good skills, since they cannot follow the rabbits into the underground.
 Being a wolf there is nothing you have to fear,  so you don't have to hurry with exploring the world. Just walk around and make friends.
 Once you got familiar with the surface, start to try hunting some rabbits. If you see one, just try to bump into them to have a chance of  gaining meat.
 You can trade meat against items with the shop wolf on the surface. Press F3 while standing on a rabbit hole to destroy it! Enjoy!

Comic Book: "Cutey Bunny"

Cutey Bunny is a furry superheroine from a humorous line of underground comics created by Joshua Quagmire. She first appeared in Army Surplus Komikz in 1982 and has since appeared in other titles such as Critters.

Her powers and concept, as her name suggests, are a pastiche of Go Nagai's manga creation, Cutey Honey.

Cutey Bunny (sometimes labeled "QT Bunny" for short) is secretly Cpl. Kelly O'Hare, a special agent for the United States, based in Washington, D.C., and employed by an unspecified branch of the United States Armed Forces. She is dispatched on special missions, usually directly by the President, and encounters action and adventure.

Kelly is drawn as a shapely anthropomorphic bunny, often dressed in something fairly revealing, as befits Quagmire's sense of burlesque. Though her race is never mentioned, she is often drawn with African-American features, and sometimes wears her hair in cornrows. She is very bright, athletic, friendly, and clean-cut, usually uttering no oaths stronger than "Gosh-a-rootie!

Cutey's powers derive from her amulet, a gift from Ra, the ancient Egyptian god of the sun. (Ra is an occasional guest-star in the comic; much is made about his befuddlement with modern day technology, such as toasters and electric coffeepots.) The amulet allows Kelly to change instantly into any one of about six different costumes, and gain the powers associated with each; for example, as "Rocket Bunny", she can fly with the aid of rocket-powered boots, and as "Samurai Bunny", she wears chainmail armor and can wield a katana to deadly effect.

Bugs Bunny's (Furantia's) Starbase

On Furcadia, in Acropolis, is a Dream called Bugs Bunny's Starbase (or Furantia's Starbase).  Here is a picture of the bar.  Note the jumbo LCD TV, which can become transparent if you wish to watch the stars.  Occasionally, you can see a star ship pass by in the distance.  You can get many drinks and pizza at the bar.  Their biggest seller, however, is the Chinese take out.  The size of the carton is huge, two can easily eat from one carton, unless it is someone like Vice President Joe Bison, who frequents the Starbase.  You may even see Barack Obunny or First Lady Michelle Obunny there, if you are lucky.
There is also a collection of statues of patrons in the Starbase.  Here you see Cocoa standing in front of Cagalli and her own statue.  (Does the sexy attire and stiletto high heels make Cocoa's statue look taller?)  Some statues even play music, and there is a lot of good music in the Dream.  The Dream is over 3 MB large, but if you have slow dial-up it is worth the wait.  There is an Earth Viewer and Moon Viewer there also.  Furantia or Bugs Bunny will be glad to discuss The Urantia Book with you, but the main appeal of this Dream is the Furres who patronize this place;  they are Master Dream Weavers, and the nicest Furres ever to grace Furcadia.  The Karma is definitely good in this place, and all are welcome. This is a great place for everyone and not just Entertainment For Bunnies!