The Better Bunny Bureau

Furcadia's Better Bunny Bureau

Bunnypunch Gloria

Ladies and Gentlemen, standing 5 foot 3 inches tall, weighing in at 143 pounds, 3 ounces, in the silver black trunks and gray sports bra, from the Carrot Patch, The Better Bunny Bureau is proud to present, the one, the only . . . . BUNNYPUNCH GLORIA !

Bunnypunch Gloria brings beauty to boxing.  Don't let her petite stature fool you, she curls 130 pound dumbbells and her punches are like getting hit with a sledge hammer.  Sponsored by The Better Bunny Bureau, Bunnypunch will have a new arena and gym built for her.  Bunnypunch takes her sport very seriously, and although a veteran, shows no signs of slowing down.  Watch in the future for when Bunnypunch will be at an arena near you.

Here we see Bunnypunch Gloria testing out the prototype boxing ring that her new Arena will be built around, on The BBB star ship.  Cocoa-Puff is observing, and the bunny seated in the middle of the ring is Albinia, Cocoa's cousin.  Albinia is sitting because Bunnypunch demonstrated a body blow to teach her the fundamentals of boxing and knocked the wind out of her, to Cocoa's delight.  Albinia thinks she is the greatest "wrastler" in the world, but she needs to stay out the boxing ring, especially with the one, the only, Bunnypunch Gloria.

Legal Disclaimer:  The Better Bunny Bureau is a sponsor of Bunnypunch Gloria.  Bunnypunch Gloria is her own separate entity and is not an alt (character) of Cocoa-Puff and her 50+ alts.