The Better Bunny Bureau

Furcadia's Better Bunny Bureau

The Better Bunny Bureau, For the Advancement, Support and Protection of Bunnies and their Lovers Furre-wide on Furcadia.

Cocoa Puff:

President, Founder, Publisher & Editor, Photographer, Reporter, Everything


Welcome !

Welcome to the Better Bunny Bureau!  This website is a dream come true.  but, it is not about us, it is about you!  If you are a Bunny, you are automatically a member.  If you love bunnies we have something in common, and you can also be a member.
     There is something special about the Bunnies on Furcadia.  The ladies are sweet and sexy.  the guys are confident, handsome and gentlemen.  It takes a special furre to be a bunny in a world of cats and dogs.  Many furres proclaim to hate the bunnies, but sneak around to find one when the lights go down.
     Here at the BBB, bunnies are loved. Bunnies are part of the family here.  You can escape from the Haters and find other bunnies just like yourself.   Also, right now we just have the President and Chief Executive Officer positions filled, so if you can think of a position title you would like, please inform us.  You can always email  Cocoa, or the BBB, with any question or problem, and you will receive a reply.  If you need a friend, Cocoa will be there for you.
     So if you are a Bunny, we have probably seen you before.  We will be canvassing all the Bunnies we see, hopefully to build a database of all the Better Bunnies on Furcadia.  You are not alone, someone loves you, you have an extended family who cares about you.
     May your boroughs be filled with the Carrots of joy and may you be Bunny Blessed.

And if you do not love Bunnies .....

Become an Official Member

Yes, if you are a Furcadia Lapine, you are automatically a member of the Better Bunny Bureau, but show the world you are proud of your Bunny Heritage by becoming an official member.  Not a Bunny?  No problem, you too can show your love and support of bunnies by becoming a member.  Becoming a member is free, and you are under no obligation.  Just click on the Members Page and join, you can even add your good looking mug shot.  Besides, it makes us look good.  So join today!

Cocoa Gets Appropriate Hairstyle

Cocoa Puff has a new hairstyle!  She always loved the Winter Porcelain "Club Bunny" portrait, and had them in all her dreams.  She always admired the old-style afro puffs and the modern braids, and she has managed to combine all 3 elements. Thanks to Justin Stincoy, who gave her a portrait space, and thanks to her new hair stylist (artist) named sqirlz, she has a unique hairstyle that she can show off with.  Sqirlz was not going to charge her, but you know how time consuming and expensive braids can be, Girl.  You would not be-WEAVE how much time and money ghetto girls spend on their hair.  Don't repeat that joke to them, you will get whupped mentioning weave.
Top Row:

Better Bunny Bureau (Mascot)

Bottom Row:

Albinia (Cocoa's albino cousin)
Lapina Bunnayius

HolyWord Statue on Loan

Statue on loan from the HolyWord Collection:

This most famous statue that was on loan from The HolyWord Collection to Furantia is now available for public viewing in select Better Bunny Bureau Dreams. HolyWord is a very talented bunny who is missed very much.  Many thanks to Furantia for not only lending the statue, but for being a Teacher and Mentor to us all.

Cocoa's Custom Coaches

Now, the BBB is pleased to announce the GRAND OPENING of the CCC.  That's right!  It's Cocoa's Custom Coaches.  Limos fit for the finest celebrities.  Not a celebrity?  You will be if you own one of Cocoa's Custom Coaches.

Can we slice it, stretch it, and paint it?  YES WE CAN!  No vehicle is too old or new.

Through the miracle of modern photography, we have superimposed the before and after pictures of two vehicles that were stol . . . . I mean . . . . obtained, from Furtropolis..  One was a two-seater classic, the other, a mere clunker in need of a paint job.  Their former own . . . . um, their owners will not recognize them.

Did we chop them and stretch them?  YES WE DID! 

These are the first two models, built for Bunnypunch Gloria.

Upon seeing these two limos, Sweet Daddy D was moved to say:

"Dayumm, dat's hittin'.  I gots a deuce unna quarter ghetto cruiser hoopty dat's chillin I needs chopped and pulled out 'n super flyed 'n sat on sum twenny foe spinners, inside peanut butter outside jelly to draw dem hoes. Hater proofed, know what I'm sayin?  I'd be rollin ghetto fabulous!  When you gonna get with Sweet Daddy D, you fine bootylicious chocolate drop bunny?  Dayumm, you need guidance."

"Wow, that's neat.  I have a Buick Electra 225 clunker that is sitting up.  I need it stretched and customized with 24 inch spinning rims, tan leather interior and a purple paint job outside, so it will attract the ladies. Bullet proofed, understand? I will be driving in style. . ."

(He went on to say something to Cocoa that was unrelated.)

So bring your vehicles to Cocoa's Custom Coaches, and show them your true length.

 ~ Cocoa-Puff

Punch 1

We are pleased as punch to announce that the Lear Jet that was purchased for Bunnypunch Gloria has arrived from Puff's Plane Painting.  The jet was christened as "Punch 1", and the assigned pilot is P'stachio, the flying squirrel.

The customized jet was ahead of schedule.  In fact, the air strip has not been completed yet, which will be near Bunnypunch Arena, which is also under construction.  P'stachio landed it perfectly on the smooth grass with a wide grin on his face exclaiming that "This is the best of all private jets, for the best boxer in the world.  I am so grateful to be the pilot for Ms. Bunnypunch Gloria, I have always been a fan of hers."  The plane was tastefully highlighted with pink winglets and stabilizer, with Punch 1 painted on the tail, inspired by the Beatles One album cover, with Bunnypunch Gloria inscribed on the sides.  Now the beauty of boxing can fly to an arena near you.

Fictional Hares and Rabbits.

     While looking up information regarding Cutey Bunny, our latest addition to the extended bunny family, Cocoa stumbled upon a Wikipedia site entitled : "Fictional Hares and Rabbits".  This site is a dream come true for us bunny fans.  It lists every bunny who ever "lived" in literature, film, TV, corporations, advertisements, etc.  It is the definitive source for any fictional bunny you wish to know about.  Cocoa had forgotten about many of the bunnies listed, like Crusader Rabbit and Captain Carrot, and had never heard of most of them. This list of bunnies will be required study here at the Better Bunny Bureau, and there will be quizzes afterwards.
     After our Bunny Art Gallery dream is completed we will build a new dream.  It will be a Bunny Hall of Fame utilizing the Wikipedia list of Fictional Hares and Rabbits.  This Wikipedia link is listed below, and will also be available on the computer in all our dreams on Furcadia.  You can always sit at a computer in our dreams and get information about commands, bunnies, and the Better Bunny Bureau.
Clink on the link below, this is a must have if you are a bunny fan :

In Loving Memory of . . .

In Loving Memory of Oyobi Who Split the Heavens,  male bunny who enthusiastically joined the Better Bunny Bureau and was going to help
with a website when his life was tragically ended a week later by a car accident.  Oyobi is always remembered with a Memorial in every dream.

Image:  "Bunny Angel"